AcroEdge specializes in UV curing and UV testing. They produce several devices which aid in UV curing and UV testing: UV-LED illuminator, tensile testing machine, CUSTRON (resin cure shrinkage stress measurement device), UV curing sensor, and surface modification sensor. AcroEdge has obtained patents one after another, as a result, their products are used at major manufacturing facilities, universities, research institutes, etc. Due to their experience in the industry, they have built better relationships with their customers regarding customization and quick responses to customer requests.


  • curea (white)


    Non-contact nondestructive measurement of cured state

    Since measurement can be performed without touching the sample, non-destructive inspection is possible even in-line.
    In addition, even when samples are inserted in glass or film, such as film bonding with UV curing resin, it is possible to measure them as they are.

    Measure under illumination

    Stable measurement is possible even under UV light for indoor lighting and curing.
    It is possible to measure the curing condition while irradiating ultraviolet (for curing), and it is possible to observe the change with time.

    Selectable measurement wavelength

    Currently there are two wavelengths of UV curing sensors, 365 nm and 405 nm, and you can choose the one suitable for the object to be measured.

    AcroEdge Curea

  • Uvira-01 (web)

    Obtain maximum UV energy at optimum wavelength!



    • Irradiate freely from small area to large area
    • Low temperature rise from UV curing results in less heat damage
    • Very thin and compact! Lightweight and mobile!
    • Built-in cooling device (water cooling system)
    • No start up time required, UV-LED instantly turns on and off
    • Even has the capability to irradiate products with curvature
    • UV-LED chip has a long life resulting in a significant reduction of running cost!


    AcroEdge Uvira


  • uvion (web)

    Flexible UV-LED by the segment, it is possible to match the width and the irradiation distance of a variety of devicesIt is possible to obtain maximum UV energy at optimum wavelengthEasy to install and replaceable for each segmentReduction in maintenance and service costs and prolongation of equipment operation time


    Uvion how to use


    • High reliability ultraviolet rays used by the majority of UV-LED companies

    • Use copper substrate with high thermal conductivity and high reliability

    • High radiation intensity

    AcroEdge Uvion