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ACT-Vision provides a full range of vision components including optical lens, lighting, camera and module units are available for your application needs.  Our product offering encompasses most vision components and modules required for all machine vision applications.

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HAYASHI Watch-Works Lighting

  • Assure quality based on Hayashi’s reliable quality control.
  • The technology behind Hayashi Watch-Works: Hayashi has reflected its manufacturing technology know-how of advanced and ultraprecision technology to product development.  With a concentration in technology and advanced research development, they have evolved into a new product introduction.  What is more, their rigorous quality control has greatly improved product quality, being widely praised for reliability and efficiency.

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IMAC LED Lighting

  • The special design of LED lighting and power supply for image processing and inspection including infrared rays, ultraviolet, and waterproofing.
  • The technology behind IMAC:  IMAC strives to fulfill the possibilities offered by mechatronics as a technology and proposal oriented company that anticipates leading trends in the fields of mechanical, electrical, electronic products, and software creation.

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CHIOPT Optical lens

  • Capable of promptly providing satisfying personalized product design (ODM) and integrated solutions for customers.
  • The technology behind CHIOPT:  CHIOPT focuses on R&D, design, manufacturing of various mid-highend optical lens including industrial lens, CCTV lens, automotive lens, DV/DSC lens, mobile phone lens, etc.  Having a complete production chain of mid-high end optical lens provides quick prototyping for trial models and production lead-times.

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TORAY Raytela™ Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)

  • Contribute to society through the creation of innovative ideas, technologies, and products.
  • The technology behind Toray: Highly reliable plastic optical fibers that combine high transmission capacity based on low attenuation and excellent noise-resistance. Applying the features of lightweight and outstanding flexibility, RAYTELA is used in diverse fields such as lighting, automotive products, telecommunications, and industrial uses.



  • Has the infrastructure and technical ability to build industrial grade cameras for any level of system integration.
  • The technology behind Sentech: Sentech, with over half of their team being design engineers, specializes in the development of advanced digital and OEM cameras for machine vision, industrial, medical, microscope, military, and traffic applications.


KEYCOM Measurement Services

  • If you are looking for solutions for your specific applications including permittivity measurement, absorption ratio, transmission tracks and devices, antennas, cables and ESR instruments for the infrasonic/VHF/UHF/microwave/millimeter-wave/super-high frequency ranges, look no further.
  • The Technology behind KEYCOM: KEYCOM develops and manufactures highly accurate and dependable measurement components, devices and systems in the 1 μHz-300 GHz (infrasonic / VHF / UHF / microwave / millimeter wave / super-high) frequency range by leveraging its experience and expertise accumulated over  a long period of time in the field of advanced technologies.

AcroEdge UV Sensors and Lighting

  • AcroEdge’s products include UV-LED illuminator, tensile testing machineCUSTRON (resin cure shrinkage stress measurement device)UV curing sensor, and surface modification sensor. Custom systems, sample testing/measurement, and product rentals are available. 
  • Technology behind AcroEdge: Customized to suit your needs, they have built up a better relationship of trust with customers in through quality products and speedy response.


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