ACT-Vision, a division of Hayashi Watch-Works

Hayashi Watch-Works, the leading manufacturer of high precision, high quality watches in Japan, has developed precision processing and assembly technologies and products related to the watch manufacturing industry. These super precision technologies have advanced rapidly and are now considered to have both practical and important applications in various other industries.  Today the Hayashi Group is focused on implementing these products and processes into high-technology-oriented industries.  New product development will also be emphasized in the fields of optical fibers and electronic devices.

Hayashi Group’s  US subsidiary Applied Core Technology Inc. (ACT Inc: formed the brand name of ACT-Vision in Silicon Valley, to address the needs of the U.S. semiconductor and industrial manufacturing markets regarding high quality machine vision products at competitive pricing, where high availability and service is critical. ACT-Vision will distribute LED and fiber lighting products in the US that are primarily manufactured at Hayashi Group in Japan and China.  ACT-Vision also offers partners’ products to enhance our solution capability on quality and value products to be offered in the region.


Hayashi Watch-Works Co., Ltd.

CEO – Atsumi Hayashi
President – Shigeru Hayashi
Founded – July, 1935

Head Office
Address: 1-28-3 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku Tokyo 170-0004 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3918-5623

U.S. Subsidiery

Applied Core Technology Inc.,

CEO – Satoshi Naoi
Date of Establishment – May, 1993

ACT-Vision Division
Address – 2372 Walsh Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95051
Phone: (408) 753-5115
Fax: (408) 753-5116