Choosing the right vision components in the best combination is key for the setup of your machine vision system to ensure quality and efficiency.

ACT-Vision has the expert technical staff to help you choose the most suitable vision components for your various application needs.

 Machine Vision Applications ACT-Vision specializes in:

  • Image Processing
      • High image quality requiring high end lenses, constant current LED, constant voltage (PWM) LED or LED light source with fiber optic light guide


  • Visual inspection, Microscopy
      • Long life and low energy consumption LEDs


  • Laboratory instrument
      • LED for microscopy, LED light source with various light guides


  • Curing
      • UV curing & xenon light sources with proper light guides,  UV (PWM) LED with collimator lens


  • Illumination
      • Plastic optical fiber, LED & halogen light sources with various fiber light guides


  • Repair & Maintenance
      • Replacement parts such as lamps and mounting adapter for other manufacturers’ light source




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